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I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and St Anne's College, University of Oxford. I have held this position since 2017, though my position was linked to Merton College between 2019 and 2022. Previously, I worked as a University Teacher and a Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. My PhD is also from the University of Glasgow. Before that I studied Philosophy and Cognitive Science at Middle East Technical University in Ankara (which is my hometown).

I work in philosophy of mindmetaphysics, and metaethics, mostly in various intersections of these three areas (particularly inter-level metaphysics of mindmetaphysics of emergence, causation in philosophy of mind and ethics, and metaphysical issues about evaluative/normative properties). 

You can email me at 

Here is my page (which I almost never check anymore). Here is my PhilPeople page. For citation-related metrics (in case you care about that kind of stuff), here is my page on Google Scholar. You can also access most of these on this webpage under the RESEARCH tab.


I used to be on Twitter, but not anymore.

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