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I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and St Anne's College, University of Oxford. I have held this position since 2017, though my position was linked to Merton College between 2019 and 2022. Previously, I worked as a University Teacher and a Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. My PhD is also from the University of Glasgow. Before that I studied Philosophy and Cognitive Science at Middle East Technical University in Ankara (which is my hometown).

I work in philosophy of mindmetaphysics, and metaethics, mostly in various intersections of these three areas (particularly inter-level metaphysics of mindmetaphysics of emergence, causation in philosophy of mind and ethics, metaphysics of evaluative/normative properties, and metaphysics of social kinds). 

Here are some "isms" that you can hear me spout if you ask me about my views: In philosophy of mind, I am a non-reductionist about the mind-body problem, taking both non-reductive physicalism and emergentist as serious alternatives. I also think that epiphenomenalism might be true. In metaphysics, I am a realist about properties and causation, but a contingentist about laws of nature. In metaethics, I am a non-reductionist/non-naturalist realist about moral properties. I think moral properties have non-causal roles that earn them a place in our ontology. I spend some of my "deepest philosophical moments" thinking how all of these views hang together.

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