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Hi there!

I see that some philosophers have a note on their websites about how their names ought to be pronounced. I am not that much worried about how you pronounce my name, but I do have some feelings about how you spell it. So, here is a brief note on how this should be done.


My first name is Umut, and it is spelled: U, M, U, T. I have observed that the fact that U appears twice can be difficult to comprehend, but please do not let the type-token distinction confuse you. So, Umat, Umet, Umit, Umot are not correct spellings.

My surname is Baysan, and it is spelled: B, A, Y, S, A, N. Again, do not be confused by the double appearance of A. Accordingly, Baysen, Bayson, Baysun, Baysin are not correct spellings.


It should also go without saying that Anumut Baysun, Ijmut Baysan, Emit Baysun, Mut Byson, Unit Basen, and Ümit Besen*  are also incorrect. 


Umaadas bj78231bSON

*Technically, this is a correct spelling of a name that denotes a distinct individual.

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